Organization Setup

Creating a new Organization

  1. Open the Navigation menu in the top left and select Organizations (shown below.)

  2. If this is your first time, the Organizations list will be empty with a Register a new organization link in the middle. Otherwise, it will show your organizations and you can add a new one by clicking the orange circle Add icon. Choose one of the two to continue.

  3. Getting Started page:

    • If desired, check the box to receive updates from BlocWatch and click "Continue".
  4. Details page:

    • Change the title to something appropriate (or leave it as is).
    • The name will change dynamically so you should not touch that field.
    • The description is optional and has no affect on functionality. However, it can be used to help you track how each Organization is used or deployed.
  5. Members page:

    • The members page is for granting access to other Users for this specific organization. If you do add someone else, the Organization will show up under their list of Organizations. It is also acceptable to leave it blank and you can always add Users afterwards.
  6. Hit create! You have successfully created your first Organization!

Navigate to Registering a Blockchain to continue the setup process.