Agent Setup

Creating a new Agent

  1. Open the navigation menu and select Settings (see below).

  2. On the right hand side of the screen, click the link to Create new Agent. You can also add an Agent by clicking the orange circle Add icon under the Agents container.

  3. Enter the desired Title for the agent:

    • There is no need to change the Name field since it automatically changes with your title.
    • The description field is optional and does not affect functionality. However, it can be used to help you track how each Agent is used or deployed.
  4. Click Create to finish set up for your agent:

    • You will see the Agent show up on the following page once you create it successfully.

Obtaining the Agent's reference ID

  1. Get the Agent's reference ID:
    • Click on the name of the Agent you created. You can obtain the ID from the Agent Ref field (shown below):

Navigate to Creating a Service Account to continue the setup process.