Alerts and Alert Policies

BlocWatch alert policies and generated alerts represent one way in which BlocWatch helps you effectively manage and secure your blockchain by providing you with the means to receive real-time notifications about changes to your blockchain or its operation.

Alert Policies

Alert policies are how you tell BlocWatch what is important for you and your blockchain. Out of the box, BlocWatch provides many pre-canned alert policies that you can apply to your blockchains that apply best practice checks and alert policies. These pre-canned policies can be updated to tweak the behavior of BlocWatch to fit your exact requirements.


Alerts are created automatically by BlocWatch when an alert policy's triggering condition has been met. When an alert is created, it is delivered to the BlocWatch user interface as well as all configured alert destinations.

In the BlocWatch UI, you can investigate the event that triggered the alert by drilling down into the block and transaction that triggered it. If configured on the alert policy, the alert may contain information regarding how the alert should be handled such as modifying blockchain policies.